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Edinburgh Landmarks Also known as the "Athens of the North", Edinburgh can be rightfully called one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. Its distinctive and unique skyline follows closely that of Venice. The beauty of this historic City lies in the fact that it preserved over the years its own atmosphere, a medieval one you might say. The buildings, the castle, the statues breathe with history It's as if every corner of the city has its own story which awaits to be uncovered.

Its beauty also lies in the variety that is specific to Edinburgh: cathedrals, old kirks and buildings, a castle situated right in the middle of the city, beautiful gardens at the bottom of the Castle Rock, haunting kirkyards.

Some of the most fanous landmarks in Edinburgh are: Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh Castle, The Old Town, Scott Monument, Leith, Princes Street Gardens, Scottish Parliament, Calton hill and many more . . .

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